Jasmine Tridevil The Woman With 3 Boobs: Hoax or Not?

A woman from the US, nicknamed Jasmine Tridevil, has allegedly had a surgery to have a third breast implant. All for the sake of repelling men: she says that she does not wish to date anyone and hence took to desperate measures.


Females have been created such that they are beautified to the eyes of men, and, even to those of women. While some enjoy the attention, others do not – the latter might even go to extremes to escape that. Desperate situations call for desperate measures, right? How to get rid of males’ attention, though? Seems like each will have his own individualised answer to the question. Well, a lady going by the nickname “Jasmine Tridevil” has resorted to a mind-boggling method to ‘go unnoticed by men’. How to counter the problem of having men’s eyes riveted at a female’s chest? Turn it into an inhumane-like object, what else! That was how Jasmine Tridevil got a third breast after going through plastic surgery. A $ 20 000 worth extra piece of flesh.

The woman is 21 years old, and originates from Tampa, Florida. She admits having had a hard time hunting down the doctor who would sign up for the adventure before stumbling on the one who agreed to go beyond conventional limits.

She alleged not having done so for fame. Rather, she explained that it was to repel men. “I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore,” she stated in an interview.

She also said that she looks forward to getting a show on MTV. She added that she will soon appear on The Inside Edition show, and will be welcomed by Jimmy Kimmel on his show.

What a hell of a way to escape attention – by changing the nature in which she was shaped! Oh wait. Is this just another Internet hoax? The Huffington Post reported that the site  hosted by the woman is associated with someone who was charged with fraud.

UPDATE: Sorry guys! Keep the Total Recall dream aside. It’s confirmed, it’s a hoax. The woman actually used a “3 breast prosthesis” as reported by WTSP.

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