10 Incredible Dogs Halloween Costumes 2014

Looking for the most incredible Halloween costumes for Dogs this year? Halloween is the time to put every living thing around you in costume- friends, family, houseplants, and, of course, pets. There are a frankly shocking number of choices of costumes to deck out your pet in a fabulous costume for Halloween-whether you decide to match them up with your look, or give them something simply cute to run around it, help us find the perfect costume for your furry, freaky friend.

10. Yoda Costume


Well what’s not to like about this? Yoda was a small, wise, and pretty adorable creature who knew more than everybody else, so basically fits the design for every cat/dog you’ve ever owned. If you can teach your pet to speak in backwards-talk, all the better.

9. Ghostbusters Costume

Who you gonna call? A perfect costume for those pop culture nerds amongst you, this outfit allows you to deck out your dog as your Ghostbuster of choice (clue: it should be Venkman). If you own a quartet of dogs, then you know what to do.

8. Orca Costume

Have you always wanted to own a killer whale? No? Fair enough, that’s probably why you own a dog. But that’s no excuse not to deck them out in this utterly awesome outfit and let them live out their fantasies of starring in Free Willie.

7. Frankenstein Costume


For our first really horror-related entry on the list, check out this utterly adorable Frankenstein’s monster dog costume. If you’re an old-school horror buff, you should probably already own this outfit in case of emergencies.

6. Taco Costume

In recent years, the temptation to dress yourself up as food seems to have tripled, so why not apply that obsession to your pets? Stick this quirky cartoon taco costume on your dog, and hope he doesn’t mistake it for the real thing.

5. Dinosaur Costume

For any old-school Jurassic Park fans (by which I mean literally everyone who’s ever seen it), this is the perfect outfit for your pet. Whether they’re carnivorous or more of a sneezing diplodocus, pay homage to their ferocious beginnings.

4. New York Jets Cheerleader Costume

Listen up, sports fans! Here’s the perfect opportunity to go as your favourite sportsman/woman, and have your pet cheering you on the whole way. Bonus points if you can teach them some kind of cheerleading routine; minus points if you pay them under living wage to do so (satire!).

3. California Gurl Outfit


If you’re into the candy-cane musical stylings of a certain songstress who kissed a girl and liked it, this is the costume for you. With that unmistakable blue wig, and the glasses you can guarantee won’t stay on for long, teach your pet some West Coast swagger.

2. Scarecrow Costume

There are hundreds of pet Wizard of Oz outfits out there (why not have them just go as Toto?) but if you want to round out your posse, this too-cute costume is the one for you. Perfect for those pets who might need a spot more intelligence in their day to day lives.

1. Diva Costume

Simply the coolest of all the costumes I could find, you can turn your pet into a superstar stadium filler with this double-snap of an outfit. Complete with glamorous blonde high ponytail and speaker-filling microphone, what more could you want?

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