10% of Mauritians Do Not Have A Bank Account

A survery revealed that 10 % of the Mauritian population do not have a bank account. Most of them are women, and people from rural regions.

bank account

The governor of the Bank of Mauritius, Rundheersing Bheenick, had previously stated that a person on ten does not a bank account in the country.

The results of a survey done by FinMark Trust, entitled FinScope Consumer Mauritius 2014, confirmed the above statement. The report was made public today, 3rd of October. The conclusions showed that 10 % of the Mauritian population do not have a bank account – 134 674 people are concerned in this proportion.

Most of the people falling in the 10 % are married women, divorced ones and widows. It was also observed that the majority of the 10 % are from rural areas: 10 % of them are from Riviere-Noire, 10% from Moka, 7% from the district of Savanne and 4% belong to the Rodrigues population.
The survey also revealed that 5 % of Mauritians save money using other methods like Informal and Formal non Bank.

The 85 % who do have a bank account in their name have propelled Mauritius to the first place among the 19 countries of the SADC that participated in the survey. The second place went to South Africa with 75 % of its population having a bank account.

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