Archaeologists Find Depiction of Jesus Without Beard

Archaeologists working in a religious building in Spain made a queer discovery: an engraving allegedly depicting Jesus with no beard gracing his face.

Jesus has always been portrayed with a beard – so has been the conventional image of him, be it in Christian artworks, or in Muslim history. However, a new study has put forth the possibility that he might have been without any beard at all.

A piece of glass dating back from the 4th century has been found in Spain, depicting Jesus Christ without a beard. Archaeologists say that this is one of the earliest representations of Jesus.

The plate in question is 22cm in diameter. Pieces of it, which were found in a rather good condition, were unearthed by researchers who were working in a religious building in Andalusia in Spain. It is thought that the plate was used to hold Eucharistic bread. The building itself is said to have been constructed in the second half of the 4th century.

Does this indicate that Jesus was not a bearded man? Is this one single piece of evidence enough to challenge what has otherwise been believed for so long?

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