Attracting Foreign Investors to Save the Theater of Port-Louis

The theater of Port-Louis still stands tall after lofty years of existence as one of the remaining colonial buildings. But, like everything else in this world, its beauty has been gradually fading: nothing worldly lasts forever, right? It has been closed for renovation purposes since 2008. However, the authorities will not easily let go of the 19th-century majestic edifice. Rather, they plan to attract foreign investors with the view to financing the renovation of the Port-Louis theater.


The municipality of the capital has granted permission to a South-African team to film several scenes of a movie in the theater in question. They have reassured the authorities that they will take care of any problem that might arise because of the relatively deplorable conditions of the building.

This eventually led the town mayor to devise a new strategy to save the building: he deemed the South-African project to be a way of attracting foreigners to invest in saving the theater.

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