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Best Halloween Masks of 2014 For A Creepy Halloween

Halloween masks are always a bizarrely competitive affair. Who has the best one? Who managed to pull off the most relevant pop culture reference in the most stylish way? Who’s looks most convincing? And who clearly made theirs themselves? With our list of truly excellent Halloween masks for 2014, you’ll dominate at every spooky social gathering the season has to offer.

Michael Myers

Well, this is just a stone-cold classic. Actually a repurposed William Shatner mask, poor Kirk has never looked the same since Myers chose to don his visage to commit a number of (thankfully fictional) brutal killings. But you can’t argue with the timeless value of this mask- it’s from a movie called Halloween, for goodness sake!

halloween masks

Rocket (From Guardians of the Galaxy)

If there’s one character everyone came out of the movie obsessively quoting until his jokes were run into the ground, it was Rocket, the wise-cracking genetically altered raccoon. And now’s the time to bring him back for a revival- go heavy on the charm, and light on the fart jokes, and you’ll be onto a winner here.

halloween masks

White Walker

Okay, so this mask might cost an insane amount (we’re talking upwards of a thousand dollars here), but it might just be the coolest one on the list. I mean, just look at it! Aside from providing a reference that every Game of Thrones fan (so, basically everyone everywhere), you can avoid most conversation by staying stoically silent in character. It might make drinking beer kind of difficult, though.

halloween masks

Darth Vader

This might seem like a dated reference but, with Star Wars making a (hopefully triumphant) return to our screens next year, you’ll want to get ahead of the pop culture curve by turning up in this classic outfit. When it comes down to it, Vader is an iconic antihero, and you’re almost guaranteed that you won’t have to spend half your evening attempting to explain a particularly obscure pop culture reference to everyone you meet. Practice declaring yourself people’s father in advance.

halloween masks

Walker (from The Walking Dead)

Sure, there’ll be a whole heap of zombie costumes kicking about this Halloween, as there are every Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it one step further and inhabit the iconic costume from the seminal TV series. These are distinctly modern zombies, and they have a very distinctive look- one that will separate you from all the other lazy undead wannabees, and place you on a pedestal of carefully researched pop culture references and an obsession with a brilliant show. What’s not to like?

halloween masks

Minecraft Block

This is one for those gamers amongst us (and I know they do exist): a Minecraft block for a head. While not everyone will immediately get the joke, you can be sure that the people who do will be the ones you want to hang out with anyway. Do a lot of neck exercises in the preceding weeks to hold up the weight of your awesome mask.

halloween masks

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