CPE Exams 2014 Starting Today – Check The Time Table

CPE students will be sitting for their examinations today, 14th of October, till the end of this week. The candidates include prevoc students, as well as teens from rehabilitation centers, and adults from prisons.


23 829 CPE students

As from today, 13th of October, till the end of this week, Friday 17th, students of the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) will sit for the final exams of the primary education cycle. 23 829 pupils, of whom 527 are private candidates, are currently going through this arduous week.

Prevoc students staying in their own schools

This year has known a positive change: prevocational students will sit for the exams in their own schools after recommendations from the Ombudsperson for Children dictated that the pupils are not to be discriminated against by making them travel to unfamiliar schools. Also, last year, unpleasant incidents had resulted thereof, whereby prevoc students had disturbed the smoothly-run environments of other schools. Therefore, allowing for them to stay in their own schools for the CPE exams would be beneficial for every party concerned, directly or indirectly.

Other candidates: from RYC & adults from prisons

14 candidates from the Rehabilitation Youth Center (RYC), of whom 12 are females, will also sit for the exams.

Pre-teens and teens are not the only ones to sit for the CPE exams. 30 adults from prisons are also part of the group having to go through the exams. 3 of them are women. Their exams will be held in the prison of Beau-Bassin, and centers in Petit-Verger, and Melrose.

Rodrigues has 986 candidates, and Agalega 14.

Time-table of exams

Tuesday 14th October

  • French at 9h00 – 10h45
  • Sciences at 12h00 – 13h00

Wednesday 15th October

  • English at 09h00 – 10h45

Thursday 16th October

  • History/Geography 09h00 – 10h00
  • Oriental languages 11h15 – 13h00

Friday 17th October

  • Mathematics at 09h00 – 10h45

Correction of papers

On the 27th of October, the copies of the question papers will be sent to the 6 centers where the correction of the papers will be done as from the 10th of November.


The much-awaited results are scheduled to be out on either the 4th of December or on the 5th.

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