CPE Exams 2014: Student Hospitalised Due To Stress and Anxiety

A CPE student had had to be transported to the hospital yesterday, 14th of October, after the first paper because he was feeling nauseous. The medical personnel stated that stress was behind his condition. He could not sit for the next paper in the afternoon. It was also reported that his health state improved and that he later returned home, fit to go through the English paper of today.

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Having to sit for examinations remains one of the most stressful situations. Teenagers and adults alike cannot help but feel the tremendous strain when going through exams. Can we expect anything else for children? Currently, more than 23 800 pupils are going through the CPE examinations in their respective schools. This marks a determining point in their lives: in which secondary school they will spend the future 7 years will depend on their performance, and not to mention what they have to bear of the pressure associated with how hyped an issue CPE has been made in our society. Yesterday 14th of October, the first day of the examinations, a CPE student succumbed to the stress and was overtaken by nausea during the first paper in the morning.

When sitting for the French paper, the student informed the supervisors that he was not feeling well. The officers then summoned a writer to help him finish his paper. However, immediately after the first paper was done, he had had to be transported to the Dr A.G Jeetoo hospital and was thus unable to go through the next paper in the afternoon.

A close family member later affirmed that when the child was examined by medical officers at the hospital, it was concluded that the nausea was due to stress and anxiety.

The pupil was later able to return home as his health condition improved. Allegedly, he was able to go for the English paper today 15th of October.

The director of the Mauritius Examination Syndicate (MES), Lucien Finette, commented on the issue stating that such incidents involving CPE students suffering from migraines and nausea are quite common and that they happen every year. He also said that he would soon be receiving the report of the case to be sent to him by the hospital.

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