Dinosaur Park In Mauritius

Jean Noël Sanassee, director of Dinosol, proclaimed his intention of setting up a dinosaur park in Mauritius. Automated ‘dino-machines’ will constitute an integral part of the project.

Dinosaurs in Mauritius: a project to be realised by Jean Noël Sanassee, who is the director of the firm Dinosol at Arsenal, on our island. The plan is to set up a tourist attraction named Dinosaur Park with automated models of the giant creatures.

Jean Noël Sanassee related that he has had this idea since 2000, 8 years before he landed in Mauritius. The project will be the first of its kind in the Indian Ocean. The infrastructure he wants to construct will include:

  • hotel comprising 72 rooms
  • A set of 12 bungalows
  • An amphitheater of Spanish style
  • restaurant
  • A pizzeria
  • A nightclub
  • 15 automated dino-robots which will be kept behind glasses, and 4 immobile ones.

Each of the ‘dino machines’ will be part of a show, each at a different spot across the attraction park.

The Dinosaur Park will also be green. The energy that is going to be needed to power the park will be obtained from photovoltaic panels.

By the end of November, the project will be presented to investors.

An investment amounting up to several billion of rupees will finance the project. The construction is expected to last for a period of around 2 years.

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