Divali in the Dark! North of Mauritius Facing A Power-Cut!

Divali without electricity! This is what people residing in some northern villages are going through right now. The CEB is trying to remediate the situation, putting in the necessary efforts so that the inhabitants do not spend Divali in the dark.


The inhabitants of the north of Mauritius are currently having to deal with a power cut because of a problem in the network of the Central Electricity Board (CEB). The people of the villages of Pamplemousses, Khoyratty, Calebasses, and Montagne-Longue are going to have to celebrate Divali without electricity.

Engineers of the CEB are already working on the problem so that the rest of the day is not spent with the constraint of not being able to enjoy the day according to the plan. However, CEB cannot provide an estimation as to when will the situation be brought back to normal.

Nowadays, we are all so dependent on electricity that when temporarily deprived of it, we begin having ‘withdrawal symptoms’! But, it is so much worse when this happens during important events.

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