Dog Haters At It Again: Dog Found Hanged in Mauritius

Mauritians are slowly but surely moulding a really bag image for all of us when it comes to the treatment of dogs. While this concerns a minority group of us, the heinous deeds they are carrying out speak volumes. Since months now are dogs being killed mercilessly in many different regions of the island, from Curepipe to Laventure.

sad dog

Stray dogs and dogs with owners alike have featured in the list of the victims of the dog haters.

Today morning (27:10:14), another dog owner from Rose-Belle found her beloved lifeless in her very own yard, brutally murdered. She narrated that she had fed the dog yesterday night and that the latter was doing fine. Little did she know that that would be the last time she would see him. Today, when calling out for the dog, and finding no answer, she set out to look for him. She then found him in her backyard where a gruesome scene was awaiting her: she found the dog to be suspended onto her wall by way of his own leash. Apparently he had been strangled to death with the leash itself. Thereafter, the leash, still holding the dog, was put onto a nail on the wall, leaving it to hang in that position.

The Science Laboratory team took the corpse for analysis.

The dog owner stated having no suspect in mind.

On the other hand, it is said that the dog would bark at every passer-by, making a lot of noise. Reason enough to kill him, eh?

Are Mauritians intolerant towards animals? Even if the animals are being a nuisance, is there no better way to deal with the situation than to mercilessly silence it to death? In February of this year, a man killed a dog by hitting him several times in a row until his skull fractured – the dog’s skull; though the man might have had his own in a frenzy at that time. Yet other dogs are reported to have been ill-treated in hotels, the acts denounced by tourists. The case of stray dogs found in hotels has even led tourists to adopt Mauritian stray dogs.

Are the laws for the protection of animals not strict enough? According to the rules and regulations, dog owners have to pay fines in case they are found to be mistreating the animals. This has, however, not deterred many to perpetrate acts of violence against dogs which are not theirs.

While some of us can and do reach such levels of cruelty, most of us, however, are not barbarous. Some people do stand up for the rights of others; some of us do make a change, just like the young man who had saved a dying stray dog some weeks back. But, at the same time, more efforts need to be done to make people understand that they cannot get away with acts of animal cruelty.

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  • How can people be so cruel? It`s disgusting 😮
    Even animals have life
    Just put yourself in the shoes of the dog, bloody murderer!

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