Ebene Cybercity Shrouded in Darkness

Employees working in Ebene cybercity are now having to walk through streets of darknesses if they are to have night work-shifts because of the dysfunctional street lights. Falling into ditches just got easier.

darkness in ebene

Since around two weeks, the cybercity at Ebene has been drowning in a gloomy state: the street lights are not working, thereby constituting quite some hassle to people who work during late hours. What an irony that the cybercity which is supposed to bring together firms in the name of modern technology is itself deprived of light!

According to an employee working at Ebene, the region near the BPML Tower I is even more shrouded in darkness.

The situation is difficult for both pedestrians and drivers. Employees having to travel to Ebene as well as inhabitants of the region are complaining of the problems that they have been encountering because of the lack of street lighting.

It was even related that due to the darkness, a woman fell into a ditch and came out with a fractured leg.

Furthermore, employees working during late-night shifts stated that the lack of proper street lighting has painted a ‘dangerous’ landscape all over Ebene. Those whose office hours end at around midnight feel insecure when they emerge from their offices.

When the mayor of Quatre-Bornes was informed of the current situation, he stated that he was not aware of the defective street lights. He promised that the authorities will soon work on a solution.

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  • That’s dangerous. Lack of light is not a good idea… I’ve got a question about Cybercity, I read recently that the planned Light Rail system in Mauritius may not have a stop at either Cybercity or the University campus? Doesn’t this seem extremely counter intuitive? With thousands of students and employees heading to these two locations every day of the year, it would seem like a good idea to have stops serving the campus and Ebene n’est çe pas?

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