Battle Against Ebola in Mauritius: Isolation Ward in Every Hospital

In the context of the current Ebola epidemic, an isolation ward has been set up in every hospital of Mauritius in case the country has to deal with Ebola patients. The necessary equipment will also be provided. The battle against Ebola is getting stauncher and stauncher.


As a measure of precaution in case the Ebola virus reaches our island, the Ministry of Health had set up an isolation ward at the hospital of Souillac because of its proximity from the airport: any person landing on the island suspected of being a carrier of the virus would be immediately transported to Souillac hospital. Since the 20th of October, an additional security measure has been taken. Now, each hospital across Mauritius has its own isolation ward in case of epidemic outbreak.

This decision came as a result of an evaluation of the global situation: even Europe has been touched by the virus, and therefore, the Mauritian authorities wish to leave no leaf unturned to protect the citizens.

The authorities stated that the isolation wards will be equipped with sophisticated tools imported from China and India.

The World Health Organisation will provide for additional equipment.

Each hospital will also have its own set of specialised ambulances to transport patients suffering from infectious diseases.

Furthermore, European expertise has been requested to allow for Mauritius to be better prepared.

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