Ebola Preventive Measures: Two Foreigners Denied Entry to Mauritius

With a view to protecting the Mauritian population from the deadly Ebola virus, two foreigners have been denied entry onto the Mauritian territory because they have previously travelled to countries considered to be at risk. The authorities are taking no chance when it comes to the Ebola epidemic.


As the global fight against the Ebola virus is getting more intense, security measures at the airport and port of Mauritius are being tightened more than ever to protect the country from any Ebola virus infiltration. As a result, the Immigration and Health services have refused to grant access to two persons to the Mauritian territory: a Chinese and a South-African were not allowed to visit the island on Saturday 28th of September. This was done on the grounds that the two persons had recently been to countries considered to be at risk.

The decision to deny entrance for the two persons were based on new regulations that have been approved in the context of the Ebola epidemic. As such, all visitors coming from countries at risk like Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Congo, and Guinea, will not be able to land on the island.

Furthermore, a Mauritian who had previously been to Nigeria was placed in isolation on Monday 30th of September. It has also been reported that he was suffering from fever. As a consequence, he was brought to the hospital of Souillac where an isolation ward has been set up specially for such cases. Yesterday (01.10.14), though, he was allowed to return to his home, after the test results for Ebola were found to be negative.


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