New Epidemic Affecting Mauritian Pigs With Severe Diarrhea

Pig farmers in Mauritius have observed a new epidemic affecting their livestock. The pigs are currently facing severe diarrhea. The farmers are becoming more and more anxious as some of them have lost around 20 pigs in a matter of four weeks. Moreover, they still have to deal with the consequences of the swine flu when they had to renew their livestock, and now, the alleged new epidemic is being considered as a burden.


Farm pigs have been suffering from severe diarrhea since a month or so, according to the rearers of St-Martin. The latter are desperate to find a solution. They complain that they already have debts to pay after they had to renew their livestock in the aftermath of the swine flu, and now the new epidemic has cropped up, making matters worse for them.

Yesterday 16th of October, they had gathered in order to discuss the issue at hand because many of the farmers are having great difficulties in dealing with the situation. One of them even lost 20 pigs within a month.
They have contacted veterinarians but the latter have not been able to contain the epidemic.

The group of farmers have thus informed the authorities of their problem, requesting for a meeting with the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the diarrhea epidemic remains a mystery.

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