Fire Destroys Wooden House at La Caverne Vacoas: 3 Dead

A wooden house in La Caverne succumbed to a fire today morning (14.10.14). The people residing in it, a mother and her son, together with a third unidentified person, have died as a result.

fire lacavernePicture taken by Sylvie Vincent

Today morning, 14th of october, three people died in a fire that broke out in a house at La Caverne at aound 3 a.m. The bodies of two men and a woman were found. The latter was a woman of 60 years of age, and one of the men was her son. The third body remains unidentified.

A neighbor of theirs related that the unidentified body might be the 80-year-old father.

The house was made of iron sheets and wood. Wooden houses and others in rudimentary conditions still exist in our contemporary societies. Undoubtedly, these constructions are extremely vulnerable to factors like fire.

The circumstances having led to this sad incident are as yet unknown.

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