mauritian dog adopted by german

Sandy’s Story: German Tourist Adopts Mauritian Stray Dog

Since the beginning of last year, many stray dogs have been sent abroad to be adopted by tourists who came to visit the island. Several tourists from Europe traveling to Mauritius have bonded with stray dogs found at the hotel to such an extent that they finally decided to start the necessary procedures to adopt them.

mauritian dog adopted by german

Photo credit: Lexpress

Stray dogs have since long constituted a great problem to Mauritians. They have the knack at being at the wrong place at the wrong time, be it in schools or in hotels. Some people have been so irritated at them that they resorted to desperate, and sometimes, cruel means to get rid of them. If we can’t handle them here, they do deserve to be catered for by those who actually care for them, right?

In fact, since January 2013, around 50 stray dogs have been adopted by tourists who came to visit the island, according to the records of the Director of the Protection of Animals Welfare (PAWS), Lucy Ramlochun. Each month, around 3 dogs are sent abroad to countries like Germany, the UK, Australia, Ireland, and France.

The most recent case is that of a stray dog, named Sandy. The animal would usually wander in the surroundings of Long Beach Hotel at Belle-Mare. He is now expected to fly to Germany in December, to new owner Roger Blum who is from Berlin. The latter related that he found Sandy on the very first day of his arrival at the hotel. From that day on, Sandy carved a place for itself in Roger’s heart.

Roger would make it a must to feed the dog every time he himself would order for food. The relationship that developed between the two led Roger to opting for adoption. He had to start the procedures and thus contacted PAWS.

Before Sandy is to make the journey to Germany, he will be temporarily looked after by a foster family. He will also be sterilised and all the necessary tests to ensure that it is in good health will be done.

Lucy Ramlochun also added that many tourists do not want to come back to the island because of what they have witnessed of the conditions of the stray dogs. On the other hand, yet others have already adopted dogs that have won their hearts.

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