Gross Lack of Syringes for Diabetic Patients at La Caverne Vacoas Health Center

Patients who normally collect syringes for their daily insulin shot at the La Caverne health center are complaining about the lack of syringes for this month: allegedly, they had only 5 syringes for this month. But, the problem should be dealt with soon enough.

Diabetic patients of the health center of La Caverne, Vacoas, have complained against the gross lack of syringes: they need to be given insulin injections everyday because their bodies do not produce enough of the hormone, and so, the ministry of health provide for them by distributing syringes and insulin every month.

Ideally, they ought to be having one syringe per day. However, the amount they are being given at the health center would require for them to use the same one around fourteen times per week. The patients have alleged receiving only 5 syringes to use for the month. This obviously goes against the rules of hygiene.

When Le Defi Quotidien looked into the matter, it was found out that there is actually a lack of syringes at the health center of La Caverne: an official from the ministry of health stated that there was a problem in the distribution of syringes that led to certain health centers not having enough of them, including the one at La Caverne. Thereafter, he reassured the investigators that the problem will be taken care of and that the situation will be back to normal by this week.

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