Harmon Chellen Police Case: ASP Will Soon Travel to Seychelles

The quest for answers relating to the death of Harmon Chellen is still on. The ASP, Luciano Gerard, will soon travel to the Seychelles to find out more. However, a written agreement is needed from the authorities of Seychelles before he can make the trip.
harmon chellen

The unexpected and mysterious death of Harmon Chellen in the Seychelles is still being investigated – so far, no clear answer has been found. Harmon Chellen’s body was spotted in the sea on the same day that he had been summoned to a police station after having been accused by an employee of the hotel where he was residing of attempt to rape.

The Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Luciano Gerard, is to travel to the Seychelles for the investigation of the circumstances of death. The Mauritian minister of foreign affairs, Arvin Boolell, explained that before the ASP can make the trip, a written agreement signed by the Seychelles authorities is needed. Once this is communicated to the Mauritian authorities, the ASP will be in the position of doing a follow-up of the police case.

Arvin Boolell also added that they are waiting to have access to the report of the medical examiner, Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, who did the second autopsy on the corpse. The report in question has already been submitted to the police and will soon be sent to the Prime Minister’s office.

After the autopsy that was performed in Seychelles in August, it was suggested that Harmon Chellen had died drowning. However, the family of the man did not agree with this theory. At their request, another autopsy was done at the Victoria Hospital at Candos. This operation had revealed wounds at the level of the temple. Another theory was then formulated: Harmon Chellen might have died when he was in police detention.

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