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Hot & Romantic Halloween Ideas 2014 For Couples

Let’s face it: Halloween isn’t really a time built for couples. It’s all about the scares and the funny costumes and hanging out at big, jovial parties than it is about cuddling up on the couch with a glass of (insert beverage of choice here). Use our tips to change that, and turn your Halloween into a sexy, romantic time…with a few scares and some candy thrown in for good measure.

weird halloween

1. Watch a Scary Movie

Yeah, sure, whatever, you’re not in high school any more, right (maybe you are, who knows)? Well, there is some science behind watching horror movies as a couple: snuggling up during the freaky moments bonds you, and the nervousness can elicit some adrenalin. And you know what that means- an even more freaky once the film is turned off. Try not to pick anything so scary that you’re both glued to the couch, though.

2. Dress Up

Yup, Halloween costumes aren’t just for those lucky people packing out sweaty clubs any more- now you can bring dressing up behind closed doors. What better time is there to test out some of your sexy costume ideas? Either talk about it with your partner beforehand and get an idea of what they’d be into…or spring them with a sexy surprise that you’ve secretly chosen off the internet and slipped into while they’re out. And hey, even if it doesn’t look amazing, you won’t be wearing it for long anyway.

3. Come Up With A Candy Hunt

Well, it really wouldn’t be Halloween without eating at least an unreasonable amount of candy, right? Mix it up by creating a sensual candy hunt for your partner- get them out of the house for a while, and lay out a candy trail through the house….that leads to the bedroom, where you may or may not be. Maybe wearing the costume from tip two, who knows. Just make sure that you’re partner isn’t so taken by the candy that they forget about where it might be leading (and what candy you might be wearing).

4. A Creepy Park

Every neighbourhood has a place that’s nondescript and average by day, but takes on a whole different feeling by night. Pick a local park that’s generally quiet after dark, and go for a long midnight stroll to drink in the atmosphere. And then, when you both get a little freaked out and frisky, find a secluded spot and go for an old-school make out session. Because you wouldn’t be living up to the horror movie stereotype if there weren’t some horny teens making out where they shouldn’t be.

5. Try a Midnight Movie

Lots of towns host a drive-in movie on Halloween, and there’s no better place to go to enjoy some midnight movie make-out sessions. Pick a quiet spot, and get down to some serious smooching. Pick a really scary movie, with hardcore fans to get across that fantastic atmosphere, and prepare to leave that candy entirely uneaten.

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