Integrated City To Be Built in Moka Over Ten Years

The firm Espitalier-Noël Limited (ENL) has launched a development project at Moka. An “integrated city” is to be built over a period of ten years. Meanwhile, the group has already been given the green light for a project of morcellement in the same zone: morcellements Gentilly.


42 plots of lands will soon be sold off for the purpose. They will be made part of a posh and heavily-guarded morcellement. The lands that have been allocated for the residential area are currently occupied by sugarcane fields.

The zone that has been chosen is located between the Apollo Bramwell hospital and the Charles Telfair Institute. The construction works will link the residential zone with the by-pass of St-Pierre. They will be completed by June 2015, according to Johan Pilot, the Development Managare of the ENL Property. The infrastructural works to be done over the lands will amount to around Rs 300 million.

The project will also include lodgings for students. The integrated city will also have commercial buildings.

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