Is North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un Dead? Or Overthrown?

Kim Jon Un, leader of North Korea, has still not made any public appearance, increasingly stirring rumours about the possibilities as to his whereabouts. An important meeting is scheduled for Friday, perhaps explanations of his ‘disappearance’ will be officially given?

What could have happened to the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un? He has not made a public appearance for long enough now for rumours to be getting more and more intense. For more than a month, he has not been seen; he was last seen on the 3rd of September. It has been speculated that he might be seriously ill (because he was seen limping at a ceremony two months earlier), or that his ‘disappearance’ has political implications.

He was supposed to attend an important meeting on the 26th of September, but he did not grace the event with his presence. From then on, speculations were already being made.

Practically no information has been officially made public by the authorities concerning the whereabouts of leader Kim Jong. Only speculations can be made, without them being confirmed as yet.

As time passes by, the disappearance of the leader is attracting more attention. As a result, more and more questions are being raised. Perhaps, the answers to these endless questions will be given on Friday during the public ceremony marking the founding of the ruling Korean Worker’s Party? Deputies of Kim Jong’s have recently travelled to South Korea for meetings. The team was led by Huwang Pyong So, second in authority to Kim Jong. Perhaps, leader Kim Jong himself might make an appearance on Friday. However, if he is not present during the events, more rumours will sprout thereof.

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