Madagascar: Headless Body of 9-Year-Old Girl Discovered

Our crime-infested societies offer ‘le macabre’ painted in blood of both adults and children indiscriminately. Throughout the world, brutal killings, and, crimes of the likes thereof, are common nowadays. Still, finding a decapitated body of a young child with her bag still on her back remains a gruesome sight.

crime in madgascar

A ghastly discovery was made yesterday, 14th of October, in Ambatolampy Tsimahafotsy, a neighbourhood of the capital of Madagascar. The decapitated body of a young girl of around 9 years of age was found on a motorcycle racetrack by a woman who was in search of wood in Ambatolampy Tsimahafotsy.

The young girl was reported missing in the afternoon of the 13th of October. Witnesses reported having seen her after school hours; she was allegedly approached by unknown people who attempted to lure her with candy. She then got into a taxi and that was when she was last seen. She was then found dead a day later.

The child’s dead body still had her school bag on it. Her parents were informed by the witnesses of the horrendous sight thanks to her own notebook in which the personal details of her parents were written. Her father is a soldier in Soanierana.

When the headless dead body was discovered, a medical team was summoned on the spot to examine it. It was observed that the shoulder of the girl was broken; she must have put up a fight at some point, leading to her shoulder being dislocated. No sign of rape was detected.

The missing head has not yet been found. The police are currently looking into the matter.

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