Mars Photos: Ancient Egyptian Skull And Engravings Spotted

Our quest for life beyond our own realm pushes us to interpret data obtained from space in such a manner that the concept of alien life is made even more appealing. Recently, ‘engravings’ have been spotted on Mars that eerily resemble ancient Egyptian carvings. The images that have been photographed show a skull-like object. Does this imply that a certain link exists between Earth and Mars? How else would one explain the spectacular similarity between artifacts from ancient Egypt and the distant land of Mars?

'carvings' on MarsScreenshot from youtube video

UFO Sightings Daily reported the occurrence of a queer object on the surface of Mars photographed by the Mars Curiosity Rover: something that looks like an elongated skull, comparable to those characteristic of ancient Egypt murals. Now, this sure has enticed our own curiosity of finding alien life.

The picture was taken on the 14th of September 2014. A video based on it was released recently to show the comparisons between the elongated skull-like object and Egyptian statues and other artifacts.

skull on mars

It has been suggested that the object might be a human skull. Could there be a link between ancient Egypt and Mars?

NASA would only dismiss such discoveries as inconsequential, arguing that the object in question might most probably be part of rocks, as the organisation has done in the past when apparently weird objects were discovered. This might seem to be the most rational explanation.

However, the possibility of the object being actual rock carvings that have been intentionally made is far more exciting; such carvings are known as petroglyphs and have been documented as engravings in caves and rocks on Earth.

Is it just a coincidence that practically the same image has been made on both our planet and Mars? Could it be that aliens have a role to play in this? Could Mars also have ruins from an ancient past that bears similarities with our own? We can only speculate for now. Perhaps, time will reveal uncontested evidence?

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  • It becomes obvious that homo capensis and their pet black negro slaves ruled Mars (llama) and Earth (Ki or Ea) and that either there was some total hatred for them or fatal rivalry that that could not be contained or metered into cooperation. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. If we do not know the past we are condemned to repeat it.

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