animal abuse

Mauritian Pet Shops Not Respecting Animal Welfare Act – Strict Measures To Follow

Officers from the Ministry of Agro-Industry will soon inspect pet shops to assess the conditions in which the animals are kept. Pet shop owners are supposedly not respecting the guidelines of the 2013 Animal Welfare Act.

animal abuse

It has been reported that many Mauritian pet shops are not in line with the guidelines dictated by the Animal Welfare Act: the animals are said to be kept in quite appalling conditions.

Allegedly, the animal cages are placed on the floor, in the sun, with the animals crowded inside, left without food and water. Some cages are so narrow and small that animals die as a result during the night when they are left unattended.

As a consequence, the Ministry of Agro-Industry intends to reinforce strict measures to put an end to the suffering of animals in pet shops. Representatives of the ministry will inspect several pet shops in the coming weeks in order to make an evaluation of the situation and to ascertain that the conditions in which the animals are kept are in conformity with the Animal Welfare Act of 2013.

Sanctions and fines are expected to be issued in case the owners of the pet shops disrespect the rules and regulations.

Mauritians are gradually building up the reputation of not dealing nobly with animals. In the past few months, many such incidents have been noted where dogs and cats are being mistreated. Many have been outraged at discovering such practices. The authorities stated that retribution will be given out to those guilty of ill-treating animals.

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  • When Human Welfare Act will be promulgated ?

    If this Government or the Ministry of welfare needs some photos and evidence and in which region Human beings are in desperate situation, I can provide.

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