Mauritius Port: Employees Stop Working Because of Foul Smell

What happens when an extremely unpleasant odour is emanating from your working environment and the situation has lasted for weeks? You refuse to continue working until the state of affairs is remediated!

Several employees working at the port have stopped handling the containers because of a foul odour coming from one of them. The president of the Port-Louis Maritime Employees’ Association, Alain Edouard, has stated that they had no other choice to make the management and the authorities hear them out after a period of a month.

Alain Edouard added that in spite of the workers having informed the management of the current situation, nothing was done to remediate the affairs. After days of working under the difficult conditions, they finally decided to go on strike.

According to Alain Edouard, many employees have felt nauseaous because of the bad smell, and some have even thrown up as a consequence.

From where does the unpleasant odour come from?

The president of the association is of the opinion that decaying goods found in the container might be the cause of the bad smell emanating from it.

According to the Health and Safety Act, the workers do have the right to stop working if they believe that the work conditions might be harmful to their health.

An official from the Ministry of Work has been sent on the grounds to make an assessment of the circumstances. The management of the Cargo Handling Corporation will now have the container sent to Mare-Chicose, today, 31st of October.

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