Mauritius Ranked 106th For Gender Equality

Mauritius had the 106th position in the World Economic Forum gender equality ranking whereby 142 countries are assessed. Also, it went from the 98th place to the 106th one. What an improvement!

The ranking is based on participation of the two genders in four domains:

  1. Economic contribution
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Politics

The situation might seem bleak for Mauritius, but, some positive aspects have also been noted. For instance, Mauritius was ranked first for having filled the gap between the two genders in terms of access to secondary and tertiary education, and for life expectancy.

However, Mauritius lags behind when it comes to women in politics. The World Economic Forum highlighted how the proportion of women in the National Assembly is inadequate and spoke against how no woman has been at the head of the State in the last few decades.

The Mauritian minister of social security, Sheila Bappoo, thereafter added that the electoral reform that has been newly formulated would help tackle the lack of female participation in politics. She stated that Mauritius has a lot to catch up in this regard, but she also affirmed that the situation is, at least, better than what it was in the past.

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