Mauritius Ranks 5th For Economic Freedom of The World 2014 – Outshining the UK & the US

Mauritius is growing famous for winning prestigious international rankings. This month, it has been ranked 5th for the Economic Freedom of the World 2014 of the Fraser Institute, with 8.09 marks on 10.

The first four countries are Hong Kong (with its marks at 8.98 earning it the first place), Singapore, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

The 2014 global ranking was launched on the 7th of October, during an event organised at Brussels, evaluating the economic freedom of over 150 countries.

The EFW index evaluated the degree of economic freedom by assessing the countries in terms of the size of the:

State Legal system and rights to property Monetary security Freedom of international trade Regulations.

Mauritius is the most economically free country in the African region. It has been the leader in terms of economic freedom in its neighbourhood since 1990. Over the years, its Economic Freedom of World (EFW) Index has been inching up: from the 20th place in 2000, it has now reached the 5th place.

The small island lost in the Indian Ocean has thus outdone economic superpowers like the Uk, the US, both of which got the 12th place, or even countries like France which was ranked 58th.

The last countries featuring on the list are Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Venezuela, the latter being at the 152nd place.

Find the news release here.

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