Mauritius Salary Compensation 2014 Discussion Goes On

A meeting will be held on the 20th of October with a view to discussing salary compensation. The committee that will meet up in this regard is presided over by the director of the Labour and Industrial Relations department, Hedley Armoogum, and by the Principal Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Finances, Premode Neerunjun.
salary renumeration

Meeting of 7th October: Inflation Rate of 3.7 % contested by Trade Union Members

The members of the committee had held a meeting on Tuesday 7th of October at the head office of the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment. The director of the Central Bureau of Statistics had then declared that the official inflation rate was at 3.7 % – a statement contested by union members who argue that the data is not actually descriptive of reality, as enunciated by the president of the Council of Trade Unions, Haniff Peerun. The latter proposed to use another formula to calculate the rate of inflation. According to him, this might be done by comparing prices in trade-businesses from the beginning of the year: he alleged that, by doing so, one would reach to the conclusion that the inflation rate is above 3.7 %.

The meeting of the 20th of October

It is highly probable that the quantum of salary compensation will be announced during the meeting.

The committee providing answers to representatives of employees

Before the meeting of the 20th, the committee will attend to certain issues. By next week, it is expected to communicate the answers to particular questions that were raised by union members. It will have informed the spokespersons of employees of the requested relevant information pertaining to the dynamics of prices relative to the Average Monthly Expenditure of a family. The representatives of the workers wish for these data to be taken into consideration to calculate the salary compensation.

Leaders of unions also want to be informed of the investments of the private sector into political parties: are these fundings declared to the Mauritius Revenue Authority for tax purposes, and which are the private firms behind the pecuniary inputs?

Another matter of interest concerns the payment of the salary compensation. Now that Parliament has been dissolved, how will the Additional Renumeration Bill be voted for?

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