Mauritius Speed Cameras: 4 New Cameras Activated

More speed cameras have graced our roads with their presence: the latest addition was made yesterday, 2nd of October, with four brand-new ones. Speed-lovers, take note!

4 new speed cameras have been installed yesterday, 2nd of October, at midnight. They are set up at Piton, Beau-Climat, along the road of Savanne, Richelieu, along the road of Rivière-Noire and at Sorèze, on the M1 motorway.

We now have a total of 40 radars on our roads. Drivers who love speeding will have to be even more cautious now; gone are the days of speeding, or so it seems!

According to the data gathered by the Traffic Branch, 30 476 drivers have been caught speeding from the 1st of January to the 30th of June – a number that shows that many will still not be deterred by the speed cameras. Well, as adamant as they might be, they are having to pay a price for their deeds. As a result, the State has amassed Rs 76 952 000 from all the fines that have been issued.

2013 had around Rs 124 million into the coffers of the State because of the speeding fines. This year will most probably have much more.

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  • Ridiculously … are Audio and/or video recordings and photos allowed as evidence in Court ?

    I recorded someone talking to me.. he desperately tried to issue an injunction so that same not be used in a Court proceeding even cause an abuse of process and violation of my Constitutional rights in Supreme Court !!!

    Expect and HOPE this money to be use to redress and relief victims and families of victims of road accidents.

    AND NOT to renew Mercedes and BMW of our leaders

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