Missing Marc Ravalomanana: His Family is Worried Concerning his Health

The ex Head of State of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomanana, remains missing after his said arrest on Monday 13th of October. He might be detained in a residence in Antsiranana, which is situated far from the capital, Antananarivo. Meanwhile, his family is anxious as to the conditions in which he has been kept in custody. His son stated that he is in need of medicine, and whether or not he is actually being provided with these is unknown.


Marc Ravalomanana was taken from Antananarivo on Monday. He had returned to the country after years of exile. However, when he did arrive at his residence, he was supposedly arrested by armed men in a matter of hours. The place to where he was taken is still unclear.

After the ‘arrest’ of the ex-president of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomanana, the location as to where he has been detained has remained a mystery. Rumour has it that he was transferred to a residence that he himself had rehabilitated in 2007, called Amirauté, which is situated in the naval air base of Antsiranana. This piece of information has been conveyed by the daily Express of Madagascar.

Antsiranana might have been chosen because it is found far from the capital, Antananarivo. The two areas are two-days’ travel apart. It is also said that ensuring safety at Antsiranana is less tricky.

Meanwhile, the son of Marc Ravalomanana, Tojo Ravalomanana, has denounced what has happened. His supporters as well have spoken out. Yesterday evening, the Ravalomanana family held a press conference at the residence of the ex-president. His son condemned the act against his father as encroaching on human rights. He related that he had requested for his mother and a doctor as well as a lawyer and himself to visit his father as soon as possible – such has not been granted yet though. Marc Ravalomanana allegedly needs his daily dose of a certain medicine, and his family is now worried lest he is not having access to these.

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