New Data from Traffic Branch: Number of Road Accidents Decreased in 2014

The Traffic Branch recently revealed a ten-months report on road accidents. The data depicted road mishaps from the 1st January to the 5th of October.

road accidents

The number of deaths resulting from road accidents has decreased, and this trend should continue, according to the Chief Inspector, Ashok Matur. In ten months, the number of accidents was recorded to be 93, while in 2013, 101 accidents were noted. However, Ashok Matur also stated that drivers still persist in disrespecting the rules and regulations.

Motorcyclists make up a considerable proportion of the victims of road accidents, with 37 of them in total. 25 of the victims are pedestrians. On the 5th of October itself, the road had its 100th victim: a woman who was hit by a car at Chebel during the night.

The authorities have as aim to keep the ongoing pattern so as to have fewer accidents. In order to achieve this, sensitisation campaigns will be organised to educate the population. Furthermore, more policemen will be posted on road networks with the goal to curbing the number of road accidents. Also, four new Speed Cameras have been functional since last Friday, 3rd of October.

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