New Project of Ministry of Education: Evaluating College Teachers

Those normally assigned with the task of grading others will now themselves be graded: the Ministry of Education has a new project whereby teachers of secondary educational institutions will have their performance evaluated by officers of the Quality Assurance Division (QAD).
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A new project conceived by the Ministry of Education in order to evaluate the performance of teachers of the secondary cycle of education has recently seen the light of the day. It is to run on a pilot basis, headed by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Division (QAD), and will involve 10 secondary state schools. The affirmed goal is to improve the quality of education for colleges. The names of the 10 chosen colleges have not been made public yet.

Some months back, letters were sent out to rectors and teachers to inform them of the general outlines of the project. They were asked to submit their own proposals.

Officers from the QAD will visit the colleges with the principal tasks of assessing and recording the performance of the teachers. An overall grade will also be assigned for each school.

A draft of the project will be published at the end of January 2015 and a workshop will also be organised. If a consensus is then reached, the project will be extended to all colleges.

The president of the Association of Rectors of Mauritius, Madoo Ramjee, expressed his dissatisfaction concerning the timing of the project. He stated that, at this time of the academic year, students are often absent from school, and that thus it is not the proper time period to start an evaluation program. The president of the Education Officers’ Union, Ally Yearoo, also voiced out his opinions, arguing that the teachers were not consulted before the launching of the project.

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