Octopus Fishing Season 2014 in Rodrigues Starts

Rodrigues has re-launched its octopus (‘ourite’) fishing season yet again yesterday, 20th of October. The octopus fishing activities had been temporarily suspended on the 18th of August earlier this year.


2014 is the third consecutive year that Rodrigues has proceeded with octopus fishing. Today’s harvest has been estimated to be around 20 tonnes.

The ‘opening ceremony’ was held at Pointe Monier. A fishing competition had been organised during the event, with the one having the biggest octopus crowned the winner. It was Johnny Adelaïde, a fisherman from the North of the island, who won the first prize of Rs 5 000 as he had a catch of 7 kilos. The second prize of Rs 4 000 was awarded to Michelin Perrine who had caught an octopus of 6.5 kilos, and the third prize of Rs 3 000 went to Stephano Raphael who had one of 5.5 kilos.

Octopus fishing has now become an activity of economic importance. Also, it has turned into a tourist attraction event. The authorities, however, wish to push the fishermen to revenue-generating occupation practised on land itself, like farming.

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