halloween costumes plus size

Trending Plus Size Halloween Costumes 2014 For Women

There’s an odd preconception that dressing up in cute Halloween costumes is the reserve of the skinny brigade. I can personally confirm that this isn’t the case: whether you want to go full-on scary, cute and flirty, or flash a bit of flesh, nailing down a perfect plus-size Halloween costume is easier- and far better catered for-than you might think.

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10. Cleopatra Costume

halloween costumes plus size

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by dressing up as the most beautiful woman who ever lived (not that I call that dressing up- that’s just day to day life for your humble author)? This costume oozes glamour and sophistication, turning Halloween into a very grown-up affair.

9. Maleficent Costume

halloween costumes plus size

Looking like Angelina Jolie isn’t a prerequisite for this costume, but having that magnificent Maleficent attitude is. Swagger about casting spells and dooming your enemies to a lifetime of pain. Or just eating candy. Whatever works for you.

8. Tavern Maid Costume

halloween costumes plus size

What’s a tavern maid without a little bit of buxom in that corset? Spend the night with pirates (or just drink a lot of rum) in this fun, big-skirted outfit with detailing on the bust and collar. Tavern not included.

7. Pirate Costume

halloween costumes plus size

If serving isn’t your style, take it one step further and actually become a pirate. Plundering and looting are optional, but you will look awesome in this black and red accented number, complete with non-conforming headscarf. I would wear that skirt again and again if I were you.

6. Voodoo Doll Costume

halloween costumes plus size

If pirating about isn’t really your style, try this adorable voodoo doll costume. Rain terror on your enemies, and slightly discomfort your friends with this nicely battered looking doll costume. Needles not required, or indeed recommended in any sense whatsoever.

5. Care Bears Grumpy Bear Costume

halloween costumes plus size

Ah, the care bears. What would Halloween be without at least one person turning up in a nostalgia-bate costume? And since it’s Halloween, you can’t have an ounce of merriment in sight- which is what makes this grumpy bear costume so perfect. Hold on to the ears.

4. Wicked Queen Costume

halloween costumes plus size

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…Sure, you could be a fairytale princess- but where’s the fun in that when you could be an evil queen? All the most interesting characters are villains, and you can prove why with this curvy, gothic-style costume.

3. Adult Baby Costume

halloween costumes plus size

I’m sure a few of you flinched at the very idea of this costume existing, but for those who didn’t, this is about the best you’re going to get without straying into weird fetish wear. Make sure to put a lot of alcohol in that bottle, and try not to blind yourself with that much pink.

2. Gothic Mummy Costume

halloween costumes plus size

Some looks never go out of style- even if they’re thousands of years old. Turn your bandages into a quirky dress, and rock up looking like the sharpest minion of the undead for miles around. Prepare to pile on the studded and spiked jewellery for effect.

1. Vampire Costume

halloween costumes plus size

Literally no list of costumes would be complete without the magnificence of this vampire outfit. A fabulous laced affair with a corset and red draping, you could well spend eternity in this dress and never go out of style.

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