Prevoc Students Will Now Sit For CPE Exams In Their Own Schools

After it was observed that prevoc students are discriminated against when they have to travel to other schools for the CPE exams, it was decided that they will now have the exams in their own schools just like the rest of the CPE students.

HSC Professional in Mauritius

Prevoc CPE students can now sit for the CPE examinations in their own schools.

The usual procedures for the prevoc students entailed going to ‘regular’, ‘normal’ primary schools for the CPE exams. However, things have been eased for them this year. The Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES) announced that they will not have to shift to other schools.

The decision is the consequence of an observation made by Ombdusperson for Children. The latter stated that the conventional way was unfair for the prevoc students. They considered it to be discriminatory for the pupils to leave their familiar environment to sit for the exams in another school altogether, while the rest of the CPE students do not have to travel to other schools.

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