Project Road Eye: Cameras to be Installed in Driving Tests Vehicles

The Traffic Branch announced that vehicles of candidates who will go through driving tests will be equipped with cameras to record the whole session between the police officers and the candidates. One of the aims is to avoid corruption.


Vehicles used for driving tests will soon be equipped with cameras. Rashidali Beekun, the Deputy Commissioner of the Traffic Branch, announced the launching of the project that has been named Road Eye, on the 16th of October during a press conference.

The aim of the project Road Eye is to provide the same platform for all candidates, and to ensure that they have a comfortable environment where they can go through the driving test. To make of the project a reality, a set of protocols have been detailed out.

The cameras will be installed in the vehicles to record all interactions between the police officer and the candidate. This will limit the risk of corrupted acts perpetrated during the driving tests, and will allow for the proper evaluation of the reliability of the practical tests. Also, in the current circumstances, some candidates might contest the analysis of the examiners, but, they do not have any proof of their arguments since the report of the examiner is considered to be definitive – a problem Road Eye will now solve.

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