Riots in Tamil Nadu: Mauritian Authorities Worry About Mauritian Students

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has raised concerns about Mauritians studying in universities in Tamil Nadu, one of the states of India, after riots began in the region on Saturday, 28th of September.

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The Mauritian authorities in New-Delhi were trying to locate all the students from Mauritius living in the affected areas. It was then found out that around 70 students are currently in Tamil Nadu. They were advised to avoid the zones where risks of rioting are great, and to stay in safe areas.

The riots started off in Chennai, which is the capital of Tamil Naidu, led by the members of the previous chief minister of the state, Jayalalithaa Jayaram, who has been condemned by a court in Bangalore for having been accused of indulging in acts of corruption.

The riots are localised in certain parts of the state, and until now, the Mauritians studying there are deemed to be safe. The situation is being closely followed in case any action has to be taken to bring the Mauritians to safety.

A fellow student, going by the name of Riven Chocalingum, informed L’express that they do not have anything to worry about for now: the areas where the Mauritians are do not seem to be directly affected by the danger of the sporadic rioting. Riven Chocalingum also stated that he had contacted friends from other towns who also reassured him that they are safe and sound.

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