Serial Dog Killer Haunting Village of Laventure in Mauritius

The village of Laventure is being haunted by a serial dog-killer. Many dogs have been allegedly poisoned. During the last few months, many dog owners who happen to live in the same neighborhood have found their dogs lying dead. They are of the opinion that a certain man who also lives in the vicinity is behind the cold-blooded murders.


The dog-killing sprees are on again. Many inhabitants of Laventure have lost their dogs in quite a brutal manner: the animals seem to have been poisoned.

Lured by poisoned chicken?

Arvind Puryag, one of the inhabitants, was horrified to find his beloved dog lying dead in a sugarcane field on the 5th of October. Apparently, the latter was poisoned to death; according to the dog owner, other dogs were poisoned three months ago. He is thus of the opinion that his own dog has met with the same fate.

Arvind related that he found two pieces of chicken and yet another dead dog in the sugarcane field. He had previously brought his other three dogs to the veterinary who told him that the animals had been poisoned. The latter are said to have had painful deaths whereby they had difficulties in breathing, diarrhea and haemorrhages.

Seven dogs have had the same end

One of his neighbors, Shika, had to go through the same ordeal: two of her dogs died in the same manner. After the incident, two other dogs in the neighborhood died too.

Shika stated that around seven dogs have been done with in similar ways.

Who is the culprit?

Another inhabitant of Laventure, Sanita, who has also lost her pets alleged knowing who has been behind the crimes. Supposedly, it is one of their own neighbors who is the serial dog killer.

Arvind Puryag even said having talked with the man in question. The latter supposedly declared having the right to poison his hens and that he would continue doing so.

Informing the authorities

Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) as well as the police were informed of the current situation in Laventure by the dog owners.

Previous cases of animal abuse

A similar case was reported some weeks back. Dog owners from Curepipe stated that many dogs have been poisoned. The MSAW was informed and it took upon itself the task of looking into the matter.

Months back, at the beginning of the year, yet another case of cruelty to animals made it to the news: a man was accused of having killed the dog of his neighbour because he was allegedly irritated by the seven-month old animal and assaulted it by hitting it with a pipe.

Law & Retribution

The law of the country dictates that people found to be mistreating animals are to be punished. Will justice be done though?

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