Who Experts in Mauritius: SMS Campaigns To Help Smokers Quit

Once a person has started smoking, it becomes challenging for him to give up the bad habit. As time goes by, he grows even more and more addicted. The noxious constituents of cigarettes, meanwhile, continue gnawing at his insides. As a result, NGOs are working hard to get smokers to quit. Keeping with the same aim, the WHO also wishes to support smokers in their struggle; hence why a delegation of experts from the organisation have travelled to the island to join forces with the Mauritian authorities to find solutions to the problems smokers face.

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Experts of the World Health Organisation (WHO) have travelled to Mauritius for the tobacco cessation technical workshop. The delegation is led by Dr Edouard Tursan d’Espaignet. The workshop is being held in the Meridien Hotel at Pointe-aux-Piments; it started today, 28th of October, and will last till the 30th of this month.

According to Dr Edouard, 90 % of smokers know that they should not be smoking, and 70 % try to commit to give up the bad habit. The experts have as aim to help smokers to let go of their addiction by assisting the Mauritian authorities to set up the Mobile Health Strategy. This will entail sending SMS to smokers advising them to quit smoking and giving them tips as to how to achieve this.

The pieces of advice will be formulated with the support of both smokers and ex-smokers, the latter having the necessary experience as to which method of quitting actually works.

The ministries, NGOs, together with the public will be able to lend a helping hand in the program.

The mobile service is expected to be interactive, whereby the dedicated team will answer to questions asked by those interested.

According to Lormus Bundhoo, 1952 smokers have had follow-ups in smoking cessation clinics from January to September 2014, with 702 new cases registered.

The Ministry of Health of Mauritius also plans to extend the project to reach out to people suffering from obesity and diabetes.

The irony…

Organisations are fighting for smokers to have a better quality of life. Different solutions are being written out to aid smokers to quit. Would it not be easier to cut off the very source of the problem and ban the selling of the poison that tobacco is?

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  • this would start the smuggling of Tobacco as other prohibited substances ..
    and for sure someone will be making a lot of money out of it .. Smugglers , Lawyers, Jail, Fines ..the endusers will still be paying the bill !!

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