Statistics Mauritius Depicts Salary Data for Several Job Sectors

The newly-published report of Statistics Mauritius reveals the average incomes of the different job fields in the island, together with how the number of jobs has fluctuated over a period of a year (from March 2013 to March 2014).


Statistics Mauritius has published data of the salaries of some of the biggest firms in Mauritius, yesterday, 29th of September.

The average incomes of the big firms have inched up by 4.9 % in one year, from Rs 23 287 in March 2013 to Rs 24 423 in March 2014.

The highest average income was recorded for sectors dealing with electricity distribution, at Rs 44 368, followed by the financial and insurance sector at Rs 42 095.

The professional, scientific and technical sectors had as average Rs 40 949 per month.

The administrative field had the lowest average income at Rs 13 802.

Fluctuation of number of jobs

It was also noted that jobs in the civil service have increased from 72 908 to 73 050. The number of women employed in this sector has also increased while a decrease was reported for men.

As for the construction sector, the number of employment decreased from March 2013 to March 2014. Other sectors, though, have known the opposite during the period of a year: + 913 in the public administration sector, + 822 for the professional, scientific and technical ones, and + 279 in the financial and insurance sector.

The number of jobs in the big firms followed similar trends, going from 306 829 to 307 504.


  • Statistics and Analysis !!

    And what is the minimum salary to live decently in Mauritius, relative to Recommended Daily Allowance of a Balance diet with the price of food stuffs ?

    Are those thousands “salaries” justified ?

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