The ACIM Fighting Against the Light-Metro Project

Will the light-metro project be turned into reality now that Parliament has been dissolved? Its opponents are still raising their voices against it, arguing that it constitutes quite an unnecessary investment.
The ACIM, which is the Consumer Association of Mauritius, is still up for a fight against the light-metro project of the government. The members of the ACIM believe that the light-metro is a socio-economic danger for the country. Its president, Javen Chellum, maintains that there is no need for such a project in Mauritius; he reaffirmed this statement during a press conference today, 22nd of October.

A letter has been sent to the Prime Minister requesting him to launch a national debate on the matter, because, according to Jayen Chellum, the public has not been informed of the implications of the project.

The Indian minister of foreign affairs will soon travel to the island, and, perhaps, the visit will be marked by the signing of an agreement on the light-metro. J. Chellum therefore argued that it would be wiser to wait till the general elections lead to a final decision concerning the leadership of the country before the launching of the project.

Supporting the stance of the ACIM is a mechanical engineer, Sangeelee Pooramen, who had done a study on the light-metro in 1994. He asserted that the project would not cost less than Rs 40 billion His calculations also suggested that a ticket would be at around Rs 120 or Rs 140, while the State had previously affirmed that the prices of the tickets will be the same as bus fares. He also mentioned that the Singapore Corporation Enterprise (SCE) which had carried out the feasibility study of the project does not have the required experience to deal with such projects. He argued that the firm was not even behind the Mass Transit System of Singapore. According to him, the SCE is not reliable in this regard.

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