scary halloween costumes

Top 10 Scary Halloween Costumes 2014 For Men

There’s been a real dearth of great Halloween costumes for men recently. People have become lazier and lazier, and are less keen to go the extra mile to dress in anything other than a “themed” T-shirt and jeans. Bring some class back to proceedings with these- a properly bone-chilling (well, at least, skin-shivering) collection of outfits to last you trick or treating and beyond. If you missed our list for the ladies, check here.

scary halloween costumes

10. Headless Horseman Costume

scary halloween costumes for men

Whether your area has a chilling legend of a centuries-old soldier with no head haunting the woods or not, the headless horseman costume is always a winner. At the very least, people will spend many a booze-addled hour trying to work out how you made your head disappear.

9. Werewolf Costume

scary halloween costumes for men

Get practicing your doom-laden howl and your ability to flash past a camera very nearly unseen-this werewolf costume may be half beast, but it’s all man. One-up everyone who decided to just turn up in a mask.

8. Zombie Costume

scary halloween costumes for men

It just isn’t Halloween unless somebody’s flesh is rotting off and they’re trying to take chunks out of their party guests’ heads. Meet the full-on zombie-a festering, grotesque member of the legion of the undead. With snazzy hair.

7. Hellboy Costume

scary halloween costumes for men

This is one for all the movie buffs- recreate the devilish creature Rasputin summoned from beyond the earth all those years ago, and do him justice by chugging a few beers and trying to emulate Ron Perlman’s accent all night long.

6. Shadow Demon Costume

scary halloween costumes for men

You wouldn’t believe the trouble I had coming up with an appropriate name for this outfit, which basically constitutes a black body suit over the top of red, light-up glasses to create the image of a monster coming out of the dark at you. Wear it to scare all those kids lurking around the neighbourhood with.

5. High Priest Zombie

scary halloween costumes for men

Yes, yes, we’ve already had one zombie on this list- but it’s not a high priest zombie. Choosing a zombie outfit can feel like a cop-out-smear on some fake blood and guts and you’re done. But not this, a magnificent robe-and-mask combo which will render you the most noble of all the zombies. Except the zombie bishop.

4. Ghost Costume

scary man halloween costumes 2014

Turn one of the most hands-off outfits into one of the most memorable with this ghost costume. In between your evil snarl, stitched-together white robes, and the snazzy white chains of eternal suffering you forged in your human life, put everyone with a sheet over their head to shame.

3. Mummy Warrior Costume

scary halloween costumes for men

Is it a little bit surreal? Definitely. But that doesn’t mean that you should hold back from donning this completely original mummy warrior outfit, replete with tattered robes, a sinister headpiece, and that feeling that you just got up after a two-thousand year nap.

2. Skeleton Zombie Costume

scary halloween costumes for men

Sure, we’ve had priests and nobodies turned into zombie form already, but secretly this is what you’d like to look like- a fearful, fauna-encased member of the living dead who looks like they may or may not just have been caught in a nuclear explosion.

1. Day of the Dead Costume

scary halloween costumes for men

Just because it’s Halloween and you’re a skeleton doesn’t mean you have any excuse not to look snazzy. Pair this winning ensemble with a smooth attitude, and watch this turn into your most successful scary Halloween costume to date (or, indeed, to date in).

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