Top 10 Scary Halloween Costumes For Women – Trending in This Season

Days before Halloween, we bring you the top 10 scariest Halloween costume for women. If you’re late with the shopping, now is the time for some inspiration and ideas.  When you think of Halloween costumes for women, you’re more likely to jump to sexy instead of scary. And, while there’s nothing wrong with flashing some (preferably rotting/undead) flesh, why can’t the ladies have some really creepy outfits to? We’ve got a rundown of the most iconic costumes for women to make sure however you spend your Halloween, you look appropriately scary. Even before you’ve gone anywhere near the Halloween candy.

10. Broken Doll Costume

scary halloween costumes for women

Dolls are scary- that’s just a widely accepted fact that everyone understands. This broken doll outfit-complete with the requisite crooked little hat- could just be a cute fancy dress piece, but it’s all in how you wear it (walking slightly crooked and keeping your eyes a little too wide recommended).

9. The Undead Bride

scary halloween costumes for women

If your Valentine’s Day didn’t go so well, at least celebrate Halloween in appropriate style. This costume, which will turn you into a half-living, half-skeletal newlywed of the undead, has just the right amount of artfully torn-up dress and zombie swagger to fit all scary ladies. I would get married in this, no question.

8. Cosy Bat Costume

scary halloween costumes for women

Sure, you want to look good in your outfit, but why freeze to death out there? This outfit, with snuggly boots and a cute bat-eared hood (a vital part of Batman’s repertoire), has the right amount of gothic black and winged sleeves to make it the kind of cosy Vincent Price would have approved of.

7. Lady Reaper

scary halloween costumes for women

Hey, “Grim” is a non-gender specific first name! Don’t let the guys have all the fun with this sickle-wielding spectre of death outfit. Yes, that slit is pretty high up, but you can keep any untoward attention away with that scythe.

6. Miss Scissorhands

scary halloween costumes for women

And while we’re on the subject of costumes that women need to claim for themselves, meet Miss Scissorhands- a cute, slightly murderous twist on the famous Tim Burton character. You won’t just be cutting hair with those things.

5. Salem Witch

scary halloween costumes for women

Harking back to ye olde times, this Salem Witch costume is a cool twist on the usual plain ol’ witch outfit. With a tattered dress, a noose, and, of course, a bunch of (hopefully fake) blood thrown in for good measure, this is one for the history majors.

4. Schoolgirl Zombie

scary halloween costumes for women

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without someone dressing up as a sexy undead something or other- and why not make it this undead schoolgirl? You get all the fun parts (short skirts, artful ties, eating brain) and none of the boring parts (those damn strict rules on chewing on someone else’s head).

3. White Vampire Witch

scary halloween costumes for women

Is it a vampire? Is it a witch? Who knows, who cares-this outfit screams scary Halloween. Make sure to spend a lot of time wafting around graveyards looking mournful and talking about your long-lost love.

2. Dark Angel Costume

scary halloween costumes for women

You can be all sweetness and light come Christmastime, but for the time being, rock this classy dark angel outfit, replete with thorny halo and fishtail. Just be careful with those wings- they look like a fire hazard.

1. Zombie Nurse

scary halloween costumes for women

By far the most gruesome costume on this list, this zombie nurse look won’t win you many friends (except Romero fans). Gungy, gory, and complete with a medical kit to stash party favours and bottles of wine in, this will have you all set for a scary night.

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