Unique Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas 2014

Couples costumes are the ultimate pinnacle of high-impact Halloween looks. Not only have you put the time in to create one costume- but you’ve come up with another outfit that goes with it. And they’re not limited to embarrassingly soppy boyfriend/girlfriend looks- there’s something for every couple here.

1. The Joker and Harley Quinn

This is the ultimate costume for geeky couples. If you want to make a real impact with an awesome costume that’s equal parts mad, sexy, scary, and romantic (if you’re into that kind of thing), going as the ultimate Batman villains is a no-brainer. Whether you go for a classic look or a more contemporary take, you can’t go wrong with these iconic comic book characters.


2. Struck by Lightning


This is definably one for one of those couples who everyone wants to have around-it’s clever, funny, but low-effort and a talking point. Whoever is the unlucky strikee, and whoever’s the lightening, this is a costume that works well if you’re joined at the hip or not- perfect for the couple who like to mingle.

3. Pop Art Costumes

Perfect for the arty pair, you won’t be able to tell who’s the muse and who’s the artiste in these clever costumes. You just have to decide what you’re going to commit to “saying” all night long, and getting that make-up perfect. Extra points if you confuse someone when they spot you in a mirror and think you’re a picture. Roy Lichtenstein, anyone?


4. Jack Skellington Costumes

Basically, this is perfect for the pop-culture nerd couple who always argue who gets to play their favourite character. You’ll both be able to embody the fabulousness of Nightmare before Christmas’ Jack Skellington in his and hers costumes, though whether you can pull off the songs too is entirely your own prerogative.

5. Chucky Costumes


Well, it is Halloween after all- you need one couple to come along as a genuine horror character. And what’s more obvious than this, a sexy and fun take on the cult Chucky movies? Terrifying all your doll-phobic friends, and get your creepy, possessed doll voice down now. Careful with those mock knives, for the love of god. Keep that blood fake!

6. Steampunk Costumes


Think for just one minute: I bet you could think of a couple who could wear this and totally pull it off. Yes, it’s a more elaborate than most costumes on this list, but they’ll make an impression, and who doesn’t want some period- appropriate attire just kicking around in their wardrobe? Work that sci-fi Victorian look this Halloween, and do it in style.

7. Silent Movie Stars

silent film

One of the easiest costume to put together, this one can be done at home with a little ingenuity. It’s perfect for a more grown-up party, as long as you can keep hold of your signs long enough. A very glamorous, classy look, you’ll want to hold on to your pictures of these costumes.

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