When Pregnancy Diagnosis Goes Wrong in Mauritius

Pregnant or not pregnant? A wrong interpretation of an ecography to investigate the pregnancy status of a woman might lead to dire consequences. As such, a gynaecologist from Allée-Brilliant has told a woman that she was no more pregnant on the third ecography while she had confirmed that the woman was pregnant twice a month before. The couple therefore sought the medical assistance of other gynaecologists who found that the woman was still pregnant. They have then filed a court case against the doctor.

The husband and his wife had paid a visit to the gynaecologist at Allée-Brilliant, Floréal, after they suspected that the wife was pregnant. That was back in July. The doctor confirmed the good news after having carried out an ecography. Thereafter, she had prescribed certain vitamins for the development of the foetus.

The next visit during late July went by smoothly. However, on the third one, the gynaecologist told the couple that the wife was no more pregnant after having done another ecography. The couple was extremely distraught at such news. The doctor added that even though the amniotic sac contained no foetus, it might expand up until three months before being expelled. She had then advised the woman to do a curettage, after having prescribed Cytotec for the woman.

However, the couple wanted the opinion of other doctors. So, they went to another gynaecologist and the latter informed them that the woman was indeed pregnant. They then went to the Jawaharlal Nehru hospital where yet another gynaecologist reiterated the good news: the woman was still pregnant.

The couple now considers the first gynaecologist to have been negligent. The pregnant woman argues that the prescribed medicine might have been fatal to both her and her child. They have therefore filed a case at the Supreme Court and demanded a Rs 5 million compensation from the gynaecologist.

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  • It would be nice if there was recordings of all these conclusions findings …A further verification need to be done. I have found that there was several FAKE degree and Diploma and pretensions around in the World and in mauritius, So, Most probably the gynecologist isn’t a real one !!!

    The second issue is: It is very very difficult to have evidence of a FAKE diploma.

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