Woman Mercilessly Raped in Her House In the Presence of her Baby

When a woman is helplessly raped in her own house in front of her one-year-old toddler, you know something is really wrong with the world. Are our daughters and sisters not safe in their own homes? How twisted and heartless should someone be to carry out such heinous an act? But, then, how does the system of law and order cater for these cases?

rape case

A 30-year-old woman inhabitant in a region found in the East of Mauritius was at home alone with her baby-daughter, while her husband was at work. During the day, she noticed a man hanging around her residence. She revealed that the man in question was travelling in a lorry and was teasing her. She phoned her husband to inform him of it. The latter advised her to note down the number of the license plate of the vehicle and to call the police if the problem persists. Officers from the St-Pierre police station arrived some time later, but they found noone and therefore returned.

However, around 20 minutes later, the suspicious man found a way to get into the house of the woman. He menacingly told her that he would make her pay for having called the police, and raped her mercilessly in front of her child. He then went away, after threatening her not to tell anyone about his deed. As simple as that, right? The woman is a public property for just about any animal, right?

The woman then tried to call her husband who could not attend to her calls. The latter only found out when he returned home from work at 19h15. They then went to the police station of St-Pierre to file a complaint. The distraught woman divulged the number of the license plate of the man’s vehicle and handed over the clothes she was wearing on that day; the clothing materials were sent to the laboratory for further analysis. Also, she had not taken a shower after the mishap, and had then been subject to a rape test at the Jeetoo Hospital.

When women are not safe within the bounds of their own houses, with warped people lurking around and walking freely on the streets believing that they are above justice, able to do whatever they want, it is a sign that both the law and order system and society at large have failed us. Should women live in fear in their houses when their men are away? Is it not time yet to have fully strict laws to punish rapists and criminals of the likes? Or, shall we passively overlook ‘just another rape case’?

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