10000 Counterfeit Condoms Seized by the Police

As though STDs are not bad enough, we now have fake condoms to make it even more difficult. Thousands of fake condoms have been seized by the police in two pharmacies located in Rose-Hill & St-Pierre. Nicolas Ritter explained the dire consequences thereof.
fake condoms

It is becoming more and more challenging nowadays to distinguish the real from the fake, be it people, friends, objects and amenities, and, even condoms. A police investigation recently led to seizure of 10 000 counterfeit condoms in a pharmacy situated at St-Pierre and another at Rose-Hill, the owners of which were then arrested.

‘Fake’ generally paves the way for disaster, and no less is a fake condom.
As explained by the director of PILS, Nicolas Ritter, fake health products can possibly have drastic consequences. Having not been subject to a series of tests to ensure it is safe and reliable, it will not conform with the standards of certification. He also added that it might not have enough lubricant, hence making it easily breakable.

He thus advised consumers to be responsible buyers who should not get swayed by cheap prices for health products. Finally, he ended with the recommendation of buying condoms of known brands, and to research those of unknown ones.

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  • Also apparently there are FAKE degree and diploma holders too here.. Worst there are no authorities capable of identifying them. Could be that the authority concerned is fake also.

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