12-Year-old Boy From Clevland Ohio Killed By Police For Carrying Toy Gun

12-year-old Cleveland Ohio Resident Tamir Rice, was shot by local law enforcement, for playing with a toy gun in a recreation area on Saturday. Rice died a day later from the injuries that he incurred. 

Tamir Rice

On Saturday, an African-American boy named Tamir Rice, was shot by the local Cleveland Ohio police for wielding a toy gun that resembled an actual semi-automatic pistol.

It was reported by witnesses that the ordinary dressed, 12-year-old, boy was concealing the toy weapon in the waistband of his pants while he was playing on a swing outside the Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland Ohio. It was noted that on several occasions, he had brandished the gun from his waistband and proceeded to point it at people in the vicinity.

A man who witnessed the activity, called a 911 emergency office and reported that the boy was holding a toy gun that had the orange safety tip removed and was quoted to have said, that the boy was, “scarring the sh-t out of everyone”. The witness then went into greater detail and explained that the boy was probably a “juvenile” and how he was under the assumption that the weapon was “probably fake”.

It is reported that the officers who received the distress call were not informed on the details in the 911 callers original message.

Shortly after the message was dispatched, two Cleveland police officer arrived at the playground; one of the officers were noted to be a rookie to the police force.

The rookie officer visually identified the 12-year-old African-American suspect while he was playing underneath a gazebo and reported to see the child placing the toy into the waistband of his pants. The rookie officer then ordered the child to raise his hands into the air, but instead, the boy lifted up his shirt and reached for the play-gun. At that point in time, the rookie officer fired two shots; one of the shots from the officer’s gun pierced the boys abdomen.

Tamir Rice, was then rushed to a hospital and eventually died the next day, due to his injuries.

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