25 Taliban Militants Killed By Afghan Woman

An Afghan woman was reported to have assisted in the killing of 25 Taliban militants during an assault on her village.

taliban shooting woman

On November 16, in the Farah province of western Afghanistan, a middle-aged, Afghan woman and mother of several children took to arms after an insurgence of Taliban troops had killed her son during a raid that was occurring in her village.

The woman named Reza Gul was assisted by her daughter, daughter in-law and other younger family embers after they had heard gunfire from a nearby police outpost. When the family had arrived on the scene they received word that Reza Gul’s son had been mortally wounded in the attack. At that point the woman was reported to have been thrown into a fit of fury and rage at the sight of her dead son, then she and her family began to return fire, fighting until the last bullet had been fired.

Gul’s son was reported to be the leader of a small group of law enforcement officers who maned an outpost within the territory of the village.

Rezal Gul reported to Radio Free Afghanistan:

“When the fighting intensified, I couldn’t stop myself and picked up a weapon, went to the check post and began to fire back.”

She went on to add:

“I was so enraged that I took a gun and started firing at them and I kept throwing hand grenades.”

Collectively at least 400 people who oppose the Taliban militants had gathered together in the gun battle that lasted up to 7 hours.

The country of Afghanistan has seen a rise in militant action from Taliban guerrillas and other rogue groups as well as local uprisings against the malevolent forces by the general public, after the U.S had withdrawn most army personnel in the country last month. Government facilities and foreign installations in the capital city of Kabul have been the focal point of most of the attacks, usually capturing civilians in the melee.

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